Everything we do empowers more effective engagement with children.

We illuminate the social and emotional needs of children, so they can be provided timely attention and guidance when facing challenging situations for which they lack the necessary coping skills or life experience.

We believe that enabling a deeper connection to students will keep them more positively engaged in their education and with their peers.

Addressing the social and emotional needs of students improves school climate, provides safer learning environments and disrupts negative foundational pathways that can limit opportunities for them.

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“We feel as though with the use of Geo Listening services we will be better able to respond to the needs of our students.”


Helen – Analyst Team Leader

Referencing Simon Sinek’s great book “Start with Why”, it is not the “what” that motivates me to be a part of Geo Listening’s mission, it is the “why.”
It has always been my nature to care for children and do whatever possible to help them be the best possible version of themselves. Young adults communicate what is going on in their lives using social media. For some, it may be their only “voice” or attempt to get the outside world to listen. Haven’t we all felt like no one was listening? I strive to play a part in changing that perception. The timely information obtained via Geo Listening brings awareness to the daily struggles of young adults. It allows the administrators to intervene and open up a dialogue with students and parents. My personal reward comes when open conversation leads to support, redirection, and understanding. Again, it is the “why” that drives me to be a part of this noble endeavor.

John – Analyst

As an educator at the secondary level, I witness the unconstructive and often damaging effects of the detrimental choices teenagers make regarding bullying, violence, and drug use. Furthermore, it is evident that one of the primary vehicles for student interaction is through the use of social network services, making it difficult to monitor student behavior and communication. Until recently I have felt powerless to make a positive change. When I was approached with the opportunity to be an analyst for Geo Listening, I enthusiastically accepted the position knowing that I would be able to intervene and protect students from themselves and the harmful behavior of others. It is my hope that I can help promote a positive and safe school environment for students and educators, thereby creating an atmosphere where learning and healthy interpersonal communication skills are the focus, not fear and hatred.

Amy – Analyst

The reason that I work for Geo Listening is to give students a voice and assistance when they may not be able to ask for it on their own. With technology and social media so popular in society, teens are bombarded with bullying, negative comments and statements at all times. This can take a heavy toll. One student posted about attempting suicide and cutting herself due to bullying comments about her appearance. This student was found through monitoring by Geo Listening and as a result received help with her problem from school personnel. To save even one student or improve their quality of life is the reason I do the work every day.