Identify and better meet the social and emotional needs of your students

It’s a fact.  Your students are posting to social networks right from your campus.   Due to the pervasive use of mobile devices and social networks, the parents, staff and the school administrators responsible for these students must find ways to be more effective in processing this available information.

Every day, there are posts about challenges such as: sadness, despair, vandalism, crime, drugs, and all types of bullying from children who hope someone is listening. The volume of these posts is so overwhelming that it would be nearly impossible for schools – on their own- to efficiently filter through it and take effective action. Geo Listening is an always monitoring service of public posts on social networks.

Geo Listening’s unique monitoring service will process, analyze and report the adverse social media from publicly available student posts. The service provides a daily report that illuminates the social and emotional needs of students in the many ways that may present itself. We align our reporting criteria with existing school district procedures and board policy as they relate to student conduct & safety. The daily report takes into account frequency and severity of a student’s posts. Sample categories include: bullying, cyber bullying, despair, hate, harm, crime, vandalism, substance abuse, truancy and many others as deemed by state and local guidelines.

Geo Listening  provides you with timely information related to the students and the community that you serve. Our goal is to help you keep your students focused on their education and on the path to success in a safe and supportive environment.

View a school board discussion about Geo Listening Services

By providing critical information as early as possible in the Pathway (see image below), your skilled staff are able to disrupt negative pathways and make any intervention, such as an anti-bullying program, more effective. There are many ways off the negative pathway and timely intervention is critical.


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